Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Ashlyn,

i'm SO proud of your braveness, little girl. in the past few weeks, i've seen many glimpses of who you are becoming and it makes me so proud to get the priviledge of directing your path. it's been a bumpy road, but the ride is smoothing out quite nicely.

never in a million years would i have guessed that you'd be so pumped about running for Student Council since you're just like me----super shy when the spotlight is on you and afraid of failure. i remember the first day i took you to elementary school for mrs. p's special needs class and you were terrified of being left to learn without me by your side.

now? now, i watch you hop out of the car and take off in a mad dash leaving your sister behind to eat your dust, as you are so eager to get to school and absorb knowledge like water to a sponge. you dream of being able to live at school all year round, because "i just can't stand it, it's SO fun." school is just your thing.

every single day, your ability to adapt to your surroundings, despite your sensory issues, amazes me. seeing you test your own comfort limits, by doing things such as becoming a candidate for student council, amazes me even more.

when i agreed to help you cut out letters for your campaign poster, you had in your head exactly how you wanted it to look and there was no convincing you otherwise. while your unwavering ideas clashed with mine, and your unwillingness to meet in the middle, like ever, drives me a little batty, i'm still glad you're able to voice your opinions on occassion without having a full-blown sensory meltdown. (mom, giving up perfection helps too.)

i'm seeing more and more that those heart wrenching days of meltdowns are almost completely behind us, as you are learning to be more adaptable and accepting of your surroundings.

you still have your moments, but you've come a long way kiddo. and i'm so proud.

PS.....GOOD LUCK sweet princess!
PPS....your poster looks awesome.
PPPS....your hair looks awesome too. :)


  1. Good luck Ashlyn! I hope you win!
    (and I like your poster)

  2. Awesome poster...did she win??


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