Thursday, October 14, 2010

on my is good.

my brain is rapid firing ideas today and they need to purge themselves out.

here goes the randomness that is my thoughts.
  • life is good. not perfect. just good.

  • i've been through more tests to rule-out multiple sclerosis.

  • praise God, hallelujah, it's ruled-out!!!

  • but, all my symptoms still remain. *sigh*

  • the detail behind it all is far too tedious for me to document right now. i'm still trying to decompress from the last month of worry & 'what-if' & squeezing too many doctor appointments/hospital visits into an already busy month. i just found out 2 days ago. and i literally felt numb to everything around me for 24 hours afterward.

  • stress overload response. stare blankly. shut down emotionally.

  • i'm back to my peppy self now. with my brain on overdrive.

  • a photo scavenger hunt with the girls sounds delightful, yes?

  • i haven't taken pictures of things other than scrapbook projects since the end of august. OY. need to remedy that right quick.

  • we'll be searching for: mums, apples, pumpkins--oranges one, white ones, warty ones, gourds, haybale, scarecrow, spiderweb, acorns, maple leaves......what else should i add?

  • you should never underestimate the power of a properly working dryer. we just had to replace ours. my life feels normal again. heh. normal.

  • why is it that as soon as i make an outgoing call, all the other calls i was waiting on suddenly come through at the same time? phone tag has been the name of the game today.

  • i'm wondering, will i ever stop biting my nails? ick. i've tried and tried and tried. and succeeded many times, but the habit always returns. any suggestions for me? i do it subconciously. a stress coping mechanism, i'm sure.

  • wondering if any of my readers have the series of Judy Moody books or Diary of a Wimpy Kid? and is willing to sell them. cheap? we already checked out Half Price Books and in 24 hours they had them all, then didn't. someone else snatched 'em up.

  • my eldest is head over heels in love with snuggling in with a book lately. reading from cover to cover.

  • my youngest..........she can read! she can read! HOP ON POP.

  • gosh, i get excited over silly things, eh.

  • tomorrow.......i'll have more another scrapbook layout to share? are you sick of my scrapbook shares yet? in the meantime, check out some Pink Paislee + SRM goodness on the SRM blog.


  1. HUGS and P&PT that they figure out what's wrong ASAP....

  2. check out
    for any and all books---It's great --I have gotten rid of some unwanted books and have also gotten some much wanted books in return. It's great!

  3. thank you shirley. i sure do too. :)

    vicki...i'll have to check that out. thank you.


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