Saturday, February 26, 2011

recording the hard stuff....

so, this post is all about that announcement i mentioned the other day.

are you ready for this?

i'm preparing my heart and mind to walk beside lots of hurting friends to help them get their memories preserved as i open up enrollment to teach another round of a class i developed called: In Loving Memory.

ETA: (ps....if you're a past student of this course you will be grandfathered into the class with no charge. it's as simple as filling out the Move My Class form found here and check off 'In Loving Memory' as a past class.)

i know many of you have been waiting for this announcement for a while based on the emails i've received requesting to run again. i'm excited to help you get these memories documented.

We all know that the loss of a loved one can be one of the most trying and emotional experiences in your lifetime as you ride the waves of grief that follow that loss.

This is something I personally discovered after losing my mom, very suddenly and quite unexpectedly, in the summer of 2007. yesterday, she would have turned 54.

After such a loss, when the grief washes away and the sunshine begins to peek into your life again, you find yourself left with a pile of memories that seem fleeting. Yes?

These seemingly fleeting memories leave you with a desperate urge to document every little detail of your loved one and the life they lived, but the thought of tackling such a task seems daunting. I've found that the sense of urgency is caused by the overwhelming fear that you'll forget before you have adequate time or energy to recount the life of the loved one you now miss so dearly.

In my online course, In Loving Memory, I will provide you with an abundance of starting points and journaling triggers, as well as layout samples and sketches to get you moving forward on making your own album of remembrance--all the while encouraging you to be gentle to yourself along the way.

This is definitely not a race to a finished album, but a process of documenting and healing all in one. It's scrapbooking as therapy, not just art.

If you'd like to record and honor the life of your loved one(s), and it has seemed too painful, too messy to begin, or just unapproachable, please consider joining me on a journey of remembrance this spring.

Class starts March 14th.

As a special promotion, the first 50 students to register prior to March 2 can receive 15% off registration with the code "EarlyBirdILM2011".

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or email me. I'm happy to help you decide if this class is the right fit for you.

gentle hugs,


  1. I took your first class and happy to have access to this one at n/c. Maybe I can finish my album this time!

  2. Will we be getting emailed about the class or just go to GIS and log in? I don't see a line at GIS for the class . . .yet!
    That being said, I feel for you. I am 57 and can't imagine my own DD being without a mama now! But I lost my Dad when I was 25 and I know how it is.


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