Sunday, February 27, 2011

scrapbooking on the walls.....

so, i don't think i ever mentioned which photo i ended up choosing for the canvas print i had made through Photo-Canvas.

i've been wanting a canvas foooooooooor-ever. because i have wanted one for so long, i wanted it to be perfect and something that i would want to look at for many, many years to come. thus making my decision on which photo to use a difficult one. but i finally........about three days prior to Christmas decided and placed my order.

Photo-Canvas did an AMAZING job and it was delivered to me on Christmas Eve----yes, two days after i ordered it, from the UK......with FREE shipping! wowza! i highly recommend using them for your next canvas order.

here's a closeup of the canvas. the texture is amazing!

the finished size is 18 x 24.

here's where i have it hanging now....

a few pillows are missing from the bench----excuse the random junk sitting on the bench that's not normally there.

i feel like it's missing a little something.

here's another view.

so, i'm debating on adding some floating hearts to the wall above the canvas print similar to these floating butterflies i saw over on Cartwheels in my Mind designed by a fellow scrapbooker, Jen Johner.

totally cute, right?

it shouldn't take much time at all if i put my Silhouette machine to work cutting out the hearts. i just have to decide on what paper to use. i'm thinking solid red cardstock and attaching them with gluedots. but i'm so dang indecisive that i don't know what i really want.

decisions like this should NOT be this difficult, LOL.

what would you do?
pattern or solid?
varying sizes or all the same?
flat on the wall or creased in the middle/dimensional?

help a girl out, would ya?


  1. Definitely different patterns of red, all the same size and creased for dimension! Love-love-love it!!!!

  2. I like a mixture of everything....patterns, solids, creased, different sizes....

    love the canvas!

  3. Love that photo canvas! I would go patterned & solid in varying sizes.

  4. I love your canvas ... I've wanted to do one for years and never get around to it. You might have pushed me over the edge. If it were my wall, I'd do varying sizes of all white ... but I'm kind of obsessed with white against paint on walls =)


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