Monday, March 21, 2016

Tutorial: Make A Wish Birthday Card {Fun Stampers Journey}

Hello Friends! Today I have a super fun, playful, layered birthday card that has quite a variety of Fun Stampers Journey products of mixed together on it.  These are my favorite types of cards to know the kind, where you pull together a little of this and a little of that until you have a finished masterpiece!

Here's how I built this card from start to finish:
  1. Cut Whip Cream Cardstock to 7" x 10" and fold in half to create a 5" x 7" card base.
  2. Stamp Ink Splat ATS with Limeade Splash True Color Fusion Ink Pad several times across the center of the card base.
  3. Cut a Pool Play Cardstock to 1 1/2" x 6" and die-cut using the Scallop Die from the Border Basics Die Set. Adhere vertically, approximately 2" from folded edge and 1/2" from top edge.
  4. Using the Tag Set Steel Rule Die Set, die-cut a large tag from Black & White Stripe Designer Vellum (with stripes running horizontally) and a medium tag from River Stone Cardstock.
  5. Adhere large die-cut Vellum Tag centered from left-to-right on card front and slightly higher than centered from top-to-bottom. Embellish top of tag with a Large Grape Fusion Bezel Dot.
  6. Wrap a 24" piece of Whip Cream Journey Thread around the bottom of the medium River Stone Cardstock tag and tie the ends into a bow. Adhere tag over the Black & White Stripe Vellum tag using foam squares.
  7. Embellish the hole in the top of the tag with a Sparkle Drop.
  8. Die-cut one 8-petal bloom from the Sweet Today Die Set from Bubble Gum Cardstock. Die Cut one 6-petal bloom from the same die set from Whip Cream Cardstock. Adhere the Bubble Gum bloom onto the River Stone tag with a foam square. Layer the Whip Cream bloom on top with a foam square.
  9. Stamp the letter 'O' from the Marquee Type Stamp Set onto Whip Cream Cardstock using Watermelon Fusion True Color Fusion Ink and die-cut using the coordinating Marquee Type Letters Die Set. Layer onto the Whip Cream bloom using a foam square.
  10. Die-cut 2 blooms using the Tattered Bloom Minis Die Set from Watermelon Fusion Cardstock and layer one on top of another and slightly skewed. Embellish with a Lime Candy Mini and adhere with a foam square to finish off the bloom.
  11. Die-cut cut 6 blooms using the Spring Bloom Minis Die Set from Orange Creamsicle Cardstock and create three sets of double-layered blooms with a foam square in between. Embellish the centers with Pearls. Adhere the blooms to the card so the placement of them forms a visual triangle.
  12. Lastly, stamp the 'Make A Wish' sentiment from the Greeting Trends Stamp Set onto Whip Cream Cardstock using Black Licorice True Color Fusion Ink Pad and detail cut around the sentiment. Adhere using foam squares just below the tags.

I'm going to leave you today with a crafting tip:
You'll notice that there is quite a bit of die-cutting involved on this card and quite a bit of the die-cutting is of smaller parts and pieces.  I have what I call a 'cast-off' bowl that sits on my desk for when I'm working on a project. Whenever I have to die-cut something, I almost always try to make the most of my manpower and use up my scraps at the same time, so I'll double up my layers. Cut one for now and cut one for later to cast off in to my bowl. Think of it as stash building. Whenever I need a little something to finish off a project, the first place I starting digging is through the treasures in that die-cut bowl.   This bowl is the perfect place to collect all those little Tattered Bloom Mini blossoms that don't get used up in one project but get cut in that single pass, or those Spring Bloom Minis.  It is also the place to collect those imperfect stamped Marquee Type letters that can be re-purposed, just like I've done here by re-purposing the 'O' to become part of the flower blossom. 

Happy Crafting! 

Limeade Splash True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0019
Black Licorice True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0041
Watermelon Fusion True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0027
Candy Minis AC-0135
Pearls AC-0024
Sparkle Drops AC-0022
Whip Cream Journey Thread AC-0128
Bezel Dots AC-0170
Whip Cream Cardstock
Pool Play Cardstock
Orange Creamsicle Cardstock
Bubble Gum Cardstock
Watermelon Fusion Cardstock

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  1. Fabulous card! Love the ink splats & all the layers.


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