Monday, April 04, 2016

Modeling Paste, Stencils and Steel Rule Dies, Oh My! (Fun Stampers Journey!)

Hello, my lovelies!  Today, I have a fabulous card to share for all of my texture and dimension lovers out there!

First of all, I should many of you are fans of mixed media?

I love mixed media, buuuuuuuut the perfectionist in me has a really hard time letting loose and using it in the true way that mixed media was meant to be used.....all messy and such.  I'm working on it.

In the meantime, I still like to dabble here and there and play around with mixed media products and work them into my projects. Maybe you can relate a bit?

If so, today's blog was written just with you in mind.

I think the perfect way to dabble is to play around a bit with some stencils and modeling paste. A nice easy way to ease yourself into mixed media without a bit commitment. Nothing too scary, nothing that a little warm soapy water can't clean up. Fun Stampers Journey has a beautiful selection of stencils that I've been having a delightful time playing with in my crafting lately.

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from others that have a bit of perfectionist in them like myself and don't like to get their hands and projects all messy is "I don't want to get all that paste all over the rest of my project and work area while it's drying so I just avoid it altogether."  It's similar to the complaints I hear from those who don't use glitter.

Let me tell you something.....I understand COMPLETELY.

Here's what *I* do to avoid the dilemma, maybe it will help you too?

Whenever I'm feeling the urge to make something, but I'm not feeling particularly 'creative' that's when I dedicate time to playing with modeling paste. I sit down and pre-cut some pieces of cardstock to 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" (the perfect size for a card front) OR I run some cardstock and my Tag Set Steel Rule Die through my Journey Platinum and then I tape down several sheets of Grid Paper to cover my work space before I even open up the modeling paste and get to work stenciling.

You could also pre-fold some card bases or die-cut some tags with the Tag Set Steel Rule Die.

Then, I go to town covering a couple dozen pieces of cardstock using a variety of stencils and a thin layer of modeling paste by applying it with a spatula. Some of them I cover the entire piece edge-to-edge and others I only add paste to a small area in the center of the cardstock.  I also take time to stencil a few tags with the paste while I'm at it.

Once I'm done, I leave them all to sit right where they are, wash up my stencils with some warm soapy water, and then let both the stencils and pasted pieces sit to dry overnight before stacking them up and keep them at the ready in my crafting space for the next time I need to create something with a little texture and dimension.  These can be used the full-size, as is, or can be cut down smaller and used in bits and pieces....or even die-cut into shapes. If you don't have the time or space to allow them to dry overnight you could always speed up the process with a Journey Heat Gun.

Doing it this way allows me to get my hands messy in one crafting session without the worry of transferring the mess onto other parts of my project keeping the perfectionist in my happy, yet letting the artist in me dabble in the intriguing world of mixed media!

I absolutely ADORE the complexity that modeling paste adds to a project, yet, the simplicity that my method of attack lends to my creative process since I can "grab and go" with these pre-created mixed media bases.

Give it a can thank me later! *wink*

Happy crafting, my friends.


Grid Paper NC-0011
Journey Platinum TO-0090
Tag Set Steel Rule Die SR-0014
Everyday Elements Steel Rule Die SR-0004
Many Wishes Stamp Set SS-0057 (30% off Retirement Sale!)
Postage Stamp ATS AT-0056
Black Licorice True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0041
Starburst Lines Stencil JM-0007
Journey Modeling Paste JM-0073
Spatula TO-0089
Journey Sequins - Blue Skies AC-0113
Sweet Berry Gingham Ribbon AC-0093
Whip Cream Cardstock CS-0040
Blue Lagoon Cardstock CS-0004
River Stone Cardstock CS-0094
Rock Candy Cardstock CS-0031
Black Licorice Cardstock CS-0003

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