Wednesday, October 27, 2010

today, i am....

feeling:: incredibly thankful for blogland. each and every email (and etsy order) coming into my inbox was nothing but encouraging and uplifting----just what i need, precisely when i need it. funny how that works, isn't it? God knows. the pictures, the stories, the quick prayers....i don't take a single bit of it for granted. so thank you.

wondering:: when or if ashlyn will adjust to the change in her chemo dosage for her morphea. since they've doubled it, she's a different child---in a not so pleasant way. the sensory issues are more evident, the meltdowns are indescribable, the headaches consume many of her days, and the ulcers have returned to her mouth. poor baby. i just want to sit and hold her and tell her it'll all be okay. if only she'd let me. will the defensiveness ever melt away?

thinking:: about how beautiful people are and how you can see it in their art. i've been sent this "keep your chin up" image several times--again, just when i need it most--via email by my sweet friend sherry, but it wasn't until she sent me the "hoping a fragile hope" this morning that i discovered the artist behind the art. Elle from A Slippery Maiden is the BRILLIANT artist behind the images that have me wanting to buy myself an Xacto knife so i can take up scherenschnitte. isn't it lovely?

eating:: whatever my husband cooks. true story. he does 95% of the cook around here. not because i don't like to cook, and not because i don't want to cook, but because it's just what works best for our schedule and my health at the moment. he loves it and finds it, along with grocery shopping, quite relaxing. weird, right? i did make dinner last night though. ashlyn's favorite: chicken pot pie.

dreaming:: about taking a vacation. our little family hasn't been anywhere together---just the four of us---since spidergirl was 6 months old. and can i just say, vacationing with a baby is not really a vacation, LOL.

looking forward to:: dressing the girls up tomorrow night and traipsing through the leaves, listening to them crunch beneath my feet as they skip from house to house collecting treats, giggling the whole time over what kind of chocolate or what flavor lolli was dropped into their pillowcase. oh.....and my dad's annual bonfire next week. oh...and a new baby joining our family soon---i'll be an auntie again!

creating:: secret projects, tradeshow projects, a video tutorial, a December daily album.


  1. so great that you got encouragement just when you needed it :D

  2. I get all panicing seeing your create list! Gosh! Lol
    Love those cutouts, they are gorgeous!!

  3. It is amazing how we get what we need when we need it and not a moment too soon. Here praying for you and your family.
    Oh, yes, my hubby does most of the cooking and shopping which I hate him to do because he always bring home stuff I can't/shouldn't be eating but I am thankful that he cooks and shops.

  4. Thinking about you, Tania, & sending big hugs & prayers for you & your family...


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