Wednesday, December 02, 2009

if you peeked into my home, right now...

after being inspired by my sweet friend Sherry through email today (and every day), I decided to make a similar list. Because blogging without photos is way better than not blogging at all, right!? (she's posting her list tonight). Did I tell you my computer is in the shop, again? Lovely.

so, anywho. here we go.

If you peek into my home right now, you'd see...
  • Little trinkets & treasures like matchbox cars and superhero figures parked in unusual the freezer shelf.
  • One bed made, and two beds with blankets ruffled begging to be snuggled in.
  • The one bed made isn't mine--but I did make it.
  • A landing full of clothes & towels--our makeshift dirty laundry hamper, if you will.
  • One side of the sink full of rinsed dishes waiting for the diswasher to be emptied.
  • Bathroom walls painted a lovely shade of butter yellow...a paintjob that was quickly aborted with only 80% of it finished. (We won't even mention how long ago that was)
  • The other 20% of it is white.
  • White copier paper tucked into every little corner you can see with half finished drawings created by Ashlyn.
  • Little bowls or baskets or purses full of crayons & markers tucked between couch cushions, or cans in the pantry or in coat pockets, or in any free space--pretty much--for when inspiration hits.
  • Towels from Doug's shower draped over the kitchen chairs.
  • Power cords for the computer, printer, scanner, monitor, etc, in a pile waiting to be reconnected when the computer returns---which may very well be never.
  • Pile of shoes by the front door because I can't commit to a storage solution.
  • Blankets, afghans, and quilts everywhere you turn because they are cozy and you can never have enough blankets.
  • Thermostat set at 67 and rarely gets bumped up to 69...never higher.
  • Kitchen cabinets without doors on them (ugh!). Yes. Still.
  • Many walls with test splotches of paint on them because I'm very indecisive when it comes to paint.
  • A wall of framed kidART leading up to the upstairs.
  • A kitchen wall covered with more kidART, unframed, tacked up with pushpins because I think it draws the eye to the cuteness instead of the eyesore that is my kitchen. And you can never have enough kidART.
  • Very clean and organized playroom.
  • A livingroom wall of my favorite pictures changed to black & white in various black frames.
  • KidART taped to the walls & door of Ashlyn's room.
  • Mismatched furniture throughout the house.
  • A kitchen floor needing mopped.
  • A laundry room floor with piles of clothes/sheets waiting to be laundered. (has anyone ever confirmed if laundry multiplies while you're away!?)
  • Laundry baskets of clean clothes on the couch waiting to be folded.
  • Kitchen table with a scrapbook project & props not put away after being photographed in a hurry this morning.
  • A silhouette of Emma on the hallway shelf that I completely adore.
  • A hall closet missing a door waiting for a curtain to be made and hung.
  • A froggy boot in front of the television in the family room and one on top of the dirty laundry in the hall.
  • A child's book on the bathroom floor, open where she left off reading.
  • Kitchen table & chairs aged with layers of paint & glitter glue that prove our love for art.
  • A blue beta fish happily living in his space on top of the food pantry.
  • A majorly neglected flowerbed with overgrown weeds.
  • Fingerprints all over the television screen.
  • Glowsticks awaiting this evenings edition of dark, dark hide & seek--a favorite evening activity.
  • Pretty necklaces hanging on a corduroy fabric covered cork board in my bedroom.
  • Tidy closets & out of control clutter in the fridge.
  • A newly declared "man cave" decorated with red walls & OSU memorabilia.
  • Two girls sharing a bedroom, emma's old bedroom is now the playroom, the previous playroom is now my studio and my studio is now the "man cave". Phew. That's a lot of moving stuff around.
  • And not a single Christmas decoration in sight. Yet.
Try to make yourself a list....then slap it on a layout and call it done! It should be fun to read again in 10 years, eh?

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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing with us and I agree--You can never have too much kid art!


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